Auriol Images is a small photography concern run by John Jones, and he is ably assisted by his daughter Shannon.

John has been involved with photography for more years than he cares to remember.

246486_618626571484326_1420443730_nBy way of a short bio:

John is a father of four girls whose ages range from 33 down to 18. He has two lovely grand daughters by his two eldest daughters, so he has experienced weddings from both sides of the lens. With any luck, by the time it gets round to his youngest daughter’s (Shannon) wedding, he might just manage a decent father of the bride’s speech!

For his sins, in his spare time he also referees for several local football leagues, so he is more than capable of handling people, and the tricky little situations that can arise when dealing with them.

“I became interested in photography at the age of about 14, when my uncle gave me a German camera that he had brought back from one of his army postings. The fact that it was a 35mm camera was fantastic. Our family was still using a great big box camera.

Over the years I have worked my way through a number of cameras, including Prackticas, Olympuses, a very flashy Nikon f3, but by far my favourites were my collection of Canons. The A1 model being far and away my favourite film camera.

I decided to move into wedding photography in 2007 when my second daughter got married. We engaged a professional photographer. This coincided with me buying my first digital Canon SLR. Suffice to say that most of the pictures from that wedding are ones that I took. The somewhat expensive professional album is gathering dust somewhere in an attic”.


Shannon Studio 4Shannon is John’s assistant when on a shoot.

She is a smart level headed 18 year old, and a cracking photographer in with the bargain. She seems to be able to get a good image from the most difficult situation. She could take a picture of a bucket full of rubbish, and make it look good.

She can be seen at a shoot arranging group photos, and generally dotting around grabbing some of those crowd shots while the more formal shots are being composed.

She’s just finished 6th form and she is waiting to hear if she will be going to university. The plan is that when she has worked her way through university, will take over from John.


Why choose Auriol Images?

There are three basic reasons.

Firstly, I want to give you the kind of coverage of your day that you want.

Although I offer four packages, these are suggestions, to try to help you decide on what you might want. As I say on the pricing page, I will try to tailor the package to your requirements.

Secondly, I offer a total package to ensure consistent quality from start to finish.

Most services will offer you standard stock items for displaying your prints.

I, on the other hand offer hand -made frames to the size and of materials that are appropriate to your requirements.

I have a fully stocked workshop where I produce bespoke frames from start to finish. Other photographers ask if I can extend this service to their prints.

My framing service is covered in more detail on the Picture Framing page.

Thirdly, I think I can claim to really understand the investment that brides and everyone concerned puts into their wedding plans. Most people will say that they  spent a year planning a wedding, or however long it takes. The reality is though, that most brides have been planning their special day since they were old enough to play “make believe”.

That’s why a bride wants everything perfect. They have had a lifelong dream – and I think I can help them achieve that dream.

In addition, I have a full disclosure CRB check, which I am more than willing for you to see. You will have complete peace of mind when I am around your party.

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