Picture Framing

Just about every photographer will offer their photographs in a standard stock frame.

There is nothing wrong with that at all – if what is in stock matches what will fit in with your wishes.

I have lost count of the number of framed pictures that may well be brilliant images on their own, but when put in standard frames just don’t quite have that “wow” factor any more. Perhaps the top and bottom have been cropped to give the main subject more impact. The standard procedure is then to cut a masking mount and use a standard size frame.

Many times I have seen frames that just do not fit in with a room’s decor. Often a room will be themed with a particular style, whether that be an oak theme, or a style theme, such as a shaker style. How odd it can be to see a standard stock frame in a totally different style, or a completely different material. You would think it might be easy to get a style and material combination to fit in with what you want.

As a quality wedding photographer in Essex, this is just the sort of service I offer. If an image needs to be cropped, then I make a frame to suit that image. If an oak frame is needed to fit in with a room, that is what is produced. When I describe a frame as being hand crafted, that is precisely what I mean. Real wood, real hand production and real hand finishing. To me a frame is not hand crafted if it is produced by putting a piece of material into a machine, a button pressed, and a finished frame put into a box.

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